The weather won’t wait. Whether on your tablet or PC, here are some ways Baron Threat Net helps you act faster and more effectively during mission-critical situations. Accurate, actionable information ensures you have the critical weather intelligence you need when it matters most.




Track Storms Precisely.

Other vendors let you track storms. But only the patented technology inside Baron Threat Net gives you the precision to determine communities affected with confidence, along with estimated times of arrival. Plus, a straightforward, go-anywhere interface makes the entire system incredibly easy to use.





See the Threats.

It’s science made simple. Complex threats like hail and flooding are analyzed for you on an easy-to-read overlay. Now there's no guessing.





 Cloud-to-ground lightning shows you the precise location of strikes.





Identify Potential Tornadoes.

Dispatch spotters effectively—and when need be, respond efficiently—using precision automated analysis of tornado-producing wind shear, like the Critical Weather Indicators. Baron analyzes every bit of radar data, from every National Weather Service radar, to provide you with instant, early notification of tornadic threats.



Additionally, Baron Tornado Index (BTI) rankings--here shown at 7.8--allows you to instantly determine the likelihood of a tornado developing within a storm cell, using a simple 1 to 10 scale. 





Plan Days in Advance.

Worried about storms, wildfire threats, or a winter outbreak? Exclusive forecast data helps you anticipate rain, temperature, winds, snow and more for the next four days.





Monitor Road Conditions.

From flooded highways to slippery, icy roads, know beforehand the road conditions awaiting responder crews and the public.




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